Crypticon Convention Denver

Cosplay Contest

Cosplay Contest

The Rules are simpleā€¦ your cosplay must be age-appropriate and you must sign in and register the following information via your show host booth prior to the contest.

  • The name that you would like to be introduced as
  • Series Name/Source (who is your character/what is it from)

Winning entries will be chosen in the following Categories:

  • Youth: Kids 12 and under 2.
  • Novice: Someone's FIRST TIME competing or someone who has NEVER won a costume contest before
  • Advanced: Someone who *has* won multiple competitions before or who is a professional craftsperson
  • Group/Duo: People signing up as a group

Prizes are awarded for all winners via our amazing sponsors!

Bring on your best!


Kristin Killtastic

Kristin Killtastic is an internationally known cosplayer from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Known for her foamsmithing, unique character choices, and attention to detail, she has been creating extravagant character cosplays for nearly 8 years. Kristin Killtastic has created and worn over 70 characters, and has been published in The Denver Westword, Cosplay Culture Magazine, news articles in Alabama and Georgia, and a recent publication in Shoutout Colorado. She has walked a few fashion shows, won several costume contests, hosted panels, participated in many charities, judged and hosted numerous costume contests, mentored future cosplayers, and organized events. While Kristin is not cosplaying, you can find her enjoying one of her many hobbies, which include; trying new recipes, DIYs, drawing, karaoke, dancing, gaming, and collecting Funko Pops.